Ground Water

Penstar have experience in designing systems for remediation of polluted groundwater, working with the environmental consultants to provide a reliable and cost effective system.

We can provide an installed and commissioned system or a package of equipment for installation by others.

Abstraction pumps

We offer submersible pumps from our normal borehole range, or can supply 316 stainless steel or other materials if the need arises. The pumps are fitted with a waterproof cable suitable for this environment.


The groundwater flow can be metered with a normal turbine meter, supplying a pulse to a control panel if needed. We also use electromagnetic flowmeters to give a more reliable and accurate measurement if the liquid is aggressive or contains suspended solids.

Speed Control

An inverter can be used to change the abstraction rate of the pump by varying the operating speed. This can be operated manually, but more often it takes a pulse from an electromagnetic flowmeter to maintain a constant flow, or a pressure transducer to maintain a constant level of groundwater.

Level Measurement

The groundwater level can be measured using a pressure transducer fitted with the pump and this can be used to give an indication or to control the level.

Remote Monitoring

Penstar control systems can be fitted with remote alarm systems or interrogation systems by telephone using land-lines or mobile phone network.

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