Rainwater Harvesting

For many uses we just don't need high quality drinking water. For toilet flushing, washing machines, for cleaning and garden watering you can safely use filtered rainwater, with the help of the right rainwater equipment, properly installed.

The benefits of using rainwater

  • More efficient washing, saving up to 50% on washing powder.
  • Washing machines don't become furred up with lime.
  • There is no better water for your garden and plant irrigation.
  • A major contribution to Sustainable Drainage Systems
  • Helps to alleviate flooding and runoff problems.
  • Reduces pressure on the water environment.
  • Reduces burden on stretched water supply and sewerage systems.
  • Saves us all the energy and carbon consumed in the production of treated water.

Rainwater can also be used to supplement a private supply from a well or borehole if the yield is reduced in the summer months. This system would require a large storage tank to provide an adequate supply during dry weather.

Rainwater equipment

Penstar offer a variety of kits that include tank inlet filtration, calmed inlet inside the tank, submersible multistage stainless steel pump, pump discharge fittings, pressure set with isolation valve and pipework , control panel with programmable module, mains water inlet on low level.

We can also offer our installation and maintenance services.

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