Sewage Systems

Sewage and effluent pumping

Where a sufficient gravity fall is not available Penstar can offer pumping stations to pump the raw sewage to the mains sewerage at the roadway.

For domestic situations a single pump system within a concrete or plastic chamber is commonly used.

High level alarm panels are available as an option to provide audible or visual warning of pumping system failure.

For larger or more complex applications, we can offer a dual pump package station. The pumps are usually set to flip-flop between one another ensuring even wear, but during periods of heavy demand both will run.

For private systems there is an option of remote monitoring by plc and modem and we also offer systems for adoption.

For septic tank installations where it is not possible to discharge effluent directly to a soakaway, we offer effluent pumping stations to transfer the sewage liquor to a remote soakaway.

Sewage treatment

In addition to pumping stations, Penstar also supply treatment plant for dwellings which are not within easy reach of the mains sewer.

These include septic tank with soakway or package treatment plant where suitable.

Installation and maintenance

Our specialist engineers and service technicians offer trouble-shooting and maintenance service on existing plant or pumping stations. We have an advisory service to help you decide the best option for sewage disposal on your property.

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