Water Supply

Private Water Supplies

Mains water costs have increased substantially over recent years and the economic advantages of private water supplies is proven. Electricity for pumping water can cost from as little as 4p to 15p per cubic metre & in some cases capital costs can be be recovered in the first year.

Spring/Well Supply

Containment of a well or spring in a suitable sealed chamber is important for excluding surface water and possible sources of contamination. Where well purity has been found to be unsatisfactory it can often be traced to unsuitable catchment tanks.

Borehole Supply

If there is no suitable source of private water or the present supply is inadequate, it could be an advantage to have a borehole drilled to provide a water supply from an underground water source.

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We offer the Penstar range of pumps for many applications & also hold in stock a large number of pumps from different manufacturers suitable for water supply, together with associated control systems and pipework.

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Water Powered Pumps

We offer John Blake & Papa water powered pumps & hold a large stock of spare parts

Water Treatment

Water for human consumption & use in dairies or food preparation, is required to meet EC guidelines as laid down in the Water Supply Regulations. Penstar have wide experience in solving water quality problems effectively & economically.

Storage Tank

The water supply from a well, spring or borehole can be pumped to a storage tank for a farm or domestic supply, controlled by a float switch or timer with low flow cut-out

Pressure Set

A pressure set can be used to control a pump in a spring or well supply or in a borehole, to pump water directly into the distribution pipework without using a storage tank.

Inverter Control

For better control & energy efficiency, an inverter control system can be used in place of a pressure set to provide a constant pressure by varying the the operating speed of the pump & reducing power consumption. This is Particularly useful for supplies to hotels & holiday parks where the demand fluctuates widely. Penstar engineers will design a guaranteed system, most suitable for your application with regard to minimising costs and maximising reliability & efficiency.

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